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Unhappy in your work? Unclear about what you want? Know what you want but can’t find it? Struggling with self-marketing skills? Feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s start where you are at. Together we will customize a program that makes sense for you.

Explore work purpose through contributions to challenges, problems, and opportunities in the world. Not job title guesswork.

There is no denying that global technological and societal shifts are rapidly changing the world of work. Planning work goals that focus on job titles alone will become increasingly difficult as employers continue to create new job titles, struggle with skill gaps, and integrate artificial intelligence. The result of these changes? New problems and challenges to be solved – in other words, opportunities!

Stop asking – What do I what to do when I grow up? What can I do with my degree? Why can’t I find a job that suits my skills? How do I find an employer who will develop me?

Start asking – What bugs me? What would I like to contribute to? What problems would I like to solve? What opportunities would I like to create? How do I want to develop myself?

Design a work life that leads to fulfillment because you pursued what has meaning to you. Investigate a challenge or opportunity you want to contribute and be a part of. Research organizations already playing in your interest areas, discover roles that offer purpose. Finally, uncover the pathways that lead to your work goals; education, skills, experience, and strengths, to develop and acquire to support your candidacy throughout your career journey.
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“I chose to work with Nicola Edwards, basing myself on my intuition alone, and I remain ever thankful that I did. Every meeting with Nicola has allowed me to make great strides in discerning, understanding, and implementing my personal and professional goals. Nicola is an empathic listener who gently reflects back to you what you are saying and experiencing, especially those aspects of which you remained unaware. I highly recommend Ms. Edwards to facilitate and accompany you on your journey to your best Self.”
– Valerie

I look for the very best in my clients, acknowledging their accomplishments each step along the way. After all, a journey is completed one step at a time.

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