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Hello and thanks for visiting my site!

For more than 16 years I have loved my work as a career adviser and coach in both the non-profit and post-secondary sectors.  It has been my mission to help people grow and bring their best selves to their work and to their life, by engaging in a journey that feels authentic.

Like many of you, I too have experienced the longing to have meaning and a purpose in my work.  I have also felt the discontentment, frustration, and uncertainty of career and work transitions. However, with the support of coaches, guides and teachers I uncovered that since childhood I have lived a constant pull to help others bring about positive shifts in their life and as a result become more of who they truly are. This is joyful work for me, and I believe experiencing joy at work has a ripple effect on the people you serve.

I use my gifts of deep listening and intuition along with my strengths of curiosity, perspective, and creativity to engage individuals in uncovering their gifts and strengths to cultivate an authentic journey to bringing their best self to work.

I love what I do!

A little about my life – I live in beautiful Guelph, Ontario, Canada with a passionate journalist of a husband, two vibrant daughters and a sheltie that never tiers. I crave being in nature, a good cup of coffee to sip while reading, deep connections, and a good wind in my hair.

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I look for the very best in my clients, acknowledging their accomplishments each step along the way. After all, a journey is completed one step at a time.

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